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5 Guaranteed Tips For Networking

Shut Up Dad

For most people, networking can be a difficult and intimidating process.  For me though, it’s like breathing.  Breathing or making money, because I do both 24/7.  I have a rocket ship shaped piano.  Not because I needed one, but simply because I could afford one.  I’m not saying that to be arrogant, but just as proof to demonstrate to you how well I’m doing.  So now that I’ve convinced you of my prowess, let’s move on to these life changing tips.

rocket piano

1.  Never force Cool Runnings into the conversation.  Although this topic often comes up in normal conversation, don’t push it too hard.  Let it come naturally.  Believe me, everybody knows the combination of John Candy as a coach for Jamaican bobsledders is amazing.  And Sanka’s song is incredibly catchy.  But don’t try to steer the conversation.  If you took anything from this amazing film, hopefully it was teamwork.



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